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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra

Broadband solid state NMR

The nuclear spin is a very powerful microscopic probe: we use it as a mean of investigating magnetic order, via the nuclear spin precession in the local magnetic field. Superconductors display a characteristic behaviour which can also be investigated by NMR. Our group has developed specific instruments optimized for these kinds of applications.

NMR spectrometers and amplifiers

HyReSpect, Linux based, home-made spectrometer 8-670 MHz

HyReSpect-II, Linux based, home-made spectrometer 10-870 MHz

Tecmag Apollo 300KHz-450MHz console

Stelar Spinmaster Solid console (5-120 MHz) 

Pulsed power amplifiers 10-160 MHz, 1 kW (Kalmus); 10-80 MHz, 1 kW (Eni); 1-200 MHz, 300W (AMT); 200-500 MHz, 50 W  (AMT);  300-600MHz, 300W and 600-900MHz, 50W, CPC


Left: HyReSpect-II with EXA magnet


0-9T Superconducting 89 mm bore solid state solenoid.
Oxford 89 mm magnet 200MHz (1H) and shim coils for high resolution
Oxford EXA 9T fast sweep cold bore magnet with VTI insert 1.5-400K
Stabilized 0-1.5T Varian, variable gap electromagnet

Cryogenics and probes

Cryogenic tunable probes (10-500MHz, in octaves), 4-300K, 2K in single shot mode (with 2 Oxford CF1200 He flow).
Cryogenic tunable probes for 10-500MHz, 1.3-380K, (with AET He flow).
3 Nitrogen gas cryoprobes (120-300K) (Brucker).
HP 1-1000 MHz Impedence bridge;


Left: 9T NMR lab