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Multiferroic characterization


Dielectric constant Probe

Dielectric characterization is based on a Andeen-Hagerling AH2500 Capacitance bridge

or on a Keithley Model 617 Programmable Electrometer


dielectric const

BiMn7O12 sample: dielectric constant vs. temperature  measurement

Magnetic characterization in applied electric field

it is based on a Quantum Design MPMSXL-5 SQUID magnetometer. The electric field is generated by a Keithley Model 617 Programmable Electrometer

Poling at RT, then M(T) ZFC: EFP (electric field poled)

Poling during the crossing of the magnetic transitions: EFC (electric field cooled)


EFC-ZFC meas

BiMn7O12 sample: ZFC and ZFC+EFC magnetic susceptibility vs. temperature  measurement

Electric transport measurements

  • EP Probe Maglab2000 1.4-400K 7T
  • Rotating sample
  • 4-contacts measurements
Maglab EP probe


BiMn7O12 sample: resistivity vs. temperature measurement

Ferroelectric characterization

AixACCT TF2000E Analyzer with Ferroelectric module

Measuring system acquired by a financial contribution of

Fondazione Cariparma


The standard configuration offers a frequency range from 1 mHz to 5 kHz

Standard features of the FE-Module are:

  • Hysteresis measurement
  • PUND measurement
  • Fatigue measurement
  • Retention measurement
  • Static hysteresis measurement
  • Imprint measurement
  • Leakage current measurement

TREK 2220 High-voltage amplifier

Trek 2220


BaTiO3 PUND (positive up - negative down) measurement