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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra

Spintronic materials

Involved people: Massimo Solzi, Roberto De Renzi, Giuseppe Allodi, Massimo Ghidini (on leave to Cambridge, UK)

Manipulation of carriers by means of their spin, instead of their charge, could in principle allow to reproduce all functions of present electronic devices with two large potential advantages: a fast permanent memory and a smaller ultimate scale, i.e. a larger information density

Manganites thin films represent one of the possible routes towards this goal. Many technical problems arise when trying to implement the very high standards required of mature semiconductor industry to rather dirty transition metal oxides. One dramatic problem is what happens to transport and magnetic properties at interfaces.

We are collaborating in several projects by refining our experimental techniques to investigate these aspects at buried interface, by means of very sensitive SQUID magnetometry, capable of detecting the magnetization of a few atomic layers of manganite in a 5x5 mm2 film. Also with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, thanks to home made ad-hoc instrumentation, we can now measure large enough signals from the same films. This allows us to probe the influence of substrates, cappings, the structural stress they impart on the film, etc.

MIUR FIRB 2002-2007
Regione Emilia Romagna, NanoFaber 2005-2007