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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra




Current Industry Research Projects

  • ENI s.p.a.
    - Analogue modelling studies applied to petroleum geology
    - Physical and numerical modeling of deep-water sediment gravity flows on the basis of outcrop constraint

    - Statistical modeling of turbidite facies variations in tectonically-confined basins constrained by high-resolution physical stratigraphy and facies analysis
  • Petrobras s.p.a.
    - Stratigraphy and sedimentology of evaporitic and associated deposits
    - Fracture patterns in folded turbidites
    - Physical stratigraphy and sedimentology of fluvio-deltaic and turbidite systems
    - Biostratigraphic and paleoecologic analysis of planktonic foraminifera and calcareous nannofossils integrated with facies analysis in sediments of the Brazilian offshore.
  • Shell s.p.a.
    - Fault damage zone evolution and dolomitization in limestone

Current Academic Research Projects

  • "The record the Messinian Salinity Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean: causes and palaeoenvironmental impact and consequences" Resp. V. Karakitsios. National ans Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • "Deep-Sea Record of Mediterranean Messinian Events (DREAM)"

  • "Triassic North", resp. A. Braathen Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo, Norway.

  • "Porocarste", resp. F. H. R. Bezerra, Department of Geology, University of Natal, Brazil.

  • 2014 DIONYSUS International Project (Germany, French and Italy) “Deep structure of the Ionian Sea and East Sicily: wideangle seismic survey of the Calabria subduction zone and Tethys margins”. Resp. Torelli L.

  • 2013-2016 PRIN “Active and recent geodynamics of Calabrian Arc and accretionary complex in the Ionian Sea”

Old Research Projects

  • 2009-2010  ESF TOPOMED Project “Plate re-organization in the Western Mediterranean: Lithospheric Causes andTtopographic Consequences”. Resp. Torelli L.
  • 2008 Prin "High-resolution stratigraphy, palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatology of the Mediterranean area during the Messinian Salinity Crisis". Resp. Roveri M.
  • 2007-2009  Prin 2006 Project “Tectonic and Sedimentation in the Accretionary Complex at the Front of the Calabrian Arc (Ionian Sea): Research Investigation by means of Swath Bathymetry, Sea Floor Sampling and Reflection Seismology”. Resp. Torelli L.
  • 2007- 2008  “Crustal Deformation Processes at the Front of the External Calabrian Arc (Ionian Sea): Seismic reflection Investigation by Pre-stack Depth Migration” in the Frame of the CEE IHP Programme “Access to Research Infrastructures”. Resp. Torelli L.
  • 2006-2009  NEAREST CEE Project “Integrated Observations Near-shore Sources of Tsunamis: Towards an Early Warning System”. Resp. Torelli L.
  • 2006 - "Origin, timing and facies distribution of the Messinian Salt deposits in the basins of the central Mediterranean area (Sicily, Calabria and Tuscany) and their larger-scale implications for the Messinian salinity crisis". PRIN-COFIN, Resp. Marco Roveri.
  • 2004-2006  ESF-EUROMARGINS SWIM Project  “Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards of Active Faults at the South Iberian Margin: Deep Structure, High-resolution Imaging and Paleoseismic Signature”. Resp. Torelli L.
  • 2004 - " La tettonica del sale in vari contesti geodinamici, interpretazione sismica, analisi stratigrafiche, strutturali, petrografiche-sedimentologiche e modellizzazione analogica: casi di studio del cuneo orogenico della Calabria ionica, Bacino Balearico, Tirreno, margine NW dell'Africa, Zagros-Golfo Persico". PRIN-COFIN, Resp. E. Costa.
  • 2003 - "The late Messinian Lago Mare event: high-resolution stratigraphy, tectonic and climatic control on high-frequency paleoenvironmental changes related to the final stage of the Messinian Salinity Crisis of the Mediterranean area". PRIN-COFIN, Resp. Marco Roveri.
  • 2001–2003  Italian PNRA Project “Antartic/Scotia Plate Convergence off Southern  Chile”. Resp. Torelli L.
  • 1998–2000  “Cenozoic Collisional and Extensional Structures in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea” Resp. Torelli L.
  • 1998–2000  BIGSET CEE Project “Big Sources Of Earthquake and  Tsunami In SW IBERIA”. Resp. Torelli L.
  • 2000–2002  “Structure and Evolution of the South-Iberian Atlantic Margin: Neogene to Recent Tectonics and Relationships with the External Portions of the Gibraltar Arc by Means of Surficial and High Penetration Seismic Reflection Profiles”. Resp. Torelli L.