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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra

Current researches

Geodynamics and climate

  • Messinian salinity crisis
  • Impact of PETM on continentalsystems
  • Orbital forcing on mixed carbonate-siliclastic shelf and basinal systems
  • Eocene-Oligocene paleoclimate

Neogene chronostratigraphy

  • High resolution biostratigraphy and biochronology (integrated with cyclostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy) of Miocene planktonic foraminiferal assemblages from Mediterranean and oceanic areas. with particular focus on the definition of Global Stratotype Section and Points (GSSPs) of the Lower - Middle Miocene Stages.

Analog modelling of deformation

  • Lithosphere rifting and necking
  • Role of the mechanical stratigraphy on thrust-related folding
  • Influence of rifting-related tectonic inheritance on foredeep-foreland basin system evolution
  • Rheological characterization of new experimental materials: MR fluids

Brittle deformation analysis

  • Faulting-related deformations and fault core development
  • Fault-related dolomitization in carbonates
  • Folding-related deformations
  • Influence of sedimentary facieses on joint patterns in siliciclastic turbidites

Soft-sediment deformations and fluid flow

  • Fault zone deformational architecture and petrophysical properties in poorly lithified sands
  • Fault zone paleohydrology from carbonate and iron concretions, and Liesegang band patterns

Paleoseismology from fault core rock analysis

  • Microstructural, petrpphysical and mineralogical signatures of earthquackes in poorly lithified and cohesive cataclastic rocks
  • coseissmically-induced paleofluidizations and paleoliquefactions

Physical stratigraphy and facies analysis of turbidite systems

  • Synsedimentary-structural control on foredeep turbidites
  • Facies and processes of turbidite deposits
  • Turbidite facies variations related to structurally-controlled basins

Physical stratigraphy and facies analysis of fluvio-deltaic systems

  • Facies and processes of flood-dominated fluvial deposits
  • Facies and processes of delta-front deposits dominated by hyperpycnal flows
  • Relationship between deltaic and tidal sedimentation

Sedimentation and tectonics in foreland basin systems

  • Stratigraphic and structural framework of Paleogene and Neogene foreland basins system of peri-mediterranean orogens.
  • Deformation rates and syn-depositional growth of thrusts system and fault related folds.
  • Evolution of deformation fronts and frontal ranges of the orogens.
  • Thermal, burial and exhumation history of tectonic and stratigraphic units inside orogens.

Origin and evolution of the passive continental margins and active margins in oceanic subduction and collisional setting

  • Marine geological and geohysical researches in Mediterranean area, Atlantic Ocean and South-eastern Pacific.
  • seismic reflection and high resolution bathymetry