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Curriculum vitae

2000 to present: Researcher at the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences of the University of Parma.
1995-2000: Post-Doc position at the Institute of Paleoenvironments and Paleoclimate of Utrecht University (IPPU) (The Netherlands): from 1 September 1995 to 31 December 1996; from 1 April 1998 to 31 May 1998, and from 1 February 1999 to 31 January 2000.
1995: Ph.D. in Geological Sciences at the University of Parma (Italy). Ph.D. Thesis entitled: "Relationships between foraminiferal assemblages and sedimentary facies in the Molare Formation and Rigoroso Marls (Oligocene - Tertiary Piedmont Basin)".
1991: MSc in Geological Sciences at the University of Parma (Italy). Thesis entitled: "Lower Pliocene (Zanclean) foraminifera of Stirone River section: Biostratigraphy".

Her research interests concern the biostratigraphy, paleoecology and paleoclimatology of the Oligocene and Neogene foraminiferal assemblages from the Mediterranean and oceanic areas. She was involved as participant in several Italian and international research projects in collaboration with Italian universities (Chieti, Siena, Catania, Palermo, Modena) and Utrecht University (The Netherlands). She visited the Institute of Paleoenvironments and Paleoclimate of Utrecht University (IPPU) (The Netherlands) in 2003 (6 weeks as exchange visit grant funded by EFS) and in 2004 (6 weeks). She was member of the Working Group of the Subcommission on Neogene Stratigraphy (International Commission on Stratigraphy, International Union of Geological Sciences) for the definition of the Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of Tortonian and Serravallian stages since 2001 to 2007. She is the Secretary of Subcommission on Neogene Stratigraphy (SNS) of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS), International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) since 2004 to present. She was Co-Guest Editor of a special issues of the journal Stratigraphy (2011) and reviewer for several scientific journals.Since 2000 she taught Paleoecology, Cyclostratigraphy and Micropaleontogy and she currently teaches Paleoecology.

Research Projects

Participant in the following academic research projects:

  • PRIN 2008 – Title:High-resolution stratigraphy, palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatology of the Mediterranean area during the Messinian Salinity Crisis, (Scientific Responsible: Prof.  Marco Roveri) (duration:24 months).
  • PRIN 2006 -  Title: In search of the Global Stratotype Sections and Points (GSSPs) of the Burdigalian and Langhian Stages and paleoceanographic implications. (Scientific Responsible: Prof. Silvia Maria Iaccarino) (Duration: 24 months).
  • European Science Foundation – Title: “EEDEN (Environments and Ecosystem Dynamics of the Eurasian Neogene)” (Scientific Coordinator: Prof. J.E. Meulenkamp, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands) (Duration: 2000-2004).
  • COFIN 2000 - Title: The Miocene sea-way closure between the Mediterranean and Indo-Pacific provinces and the impact on the Mediterranean water masses: new micropaleontological and geochemical evidences based on a high-resolution integrated stratigraphy. (Scientific Coordinator: Prof. R. Sprovieri) (Duration: 24 months).
  • NWO Council - Earth and Life Sciences (The Netherlands). Title: The Middle Miocene climate transition from a Mediterranean perspective – Role of closing of the Tehyan gateway, long period orbital forcing and pCO2. (Scientific Responsible: Dr. W.J. Zachariasse, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands) (Duration: 2000-2004)
  • Netherlands Organization of Scientific Reasearch - PIONER Project: Late Neogene climate variability in annual to Milankovitch frequency bands: An intergrated approach, (Scientific Responsible: Dr. F.J. Hilgen, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands) (Duration: 1998-2005).
  • COFIN 1998 - Title: Paleoceanography and chronology of the Middle to Late Miocene in the Mediterranean realm through the calcareous plankton stratigraphy, cyclostratigraphy, and stable isotope stratigraphy. Comparison with oceanic areas. (Scientific Coordinator: S. Iaccarino, Parma University) (Duration: 24 months).
  • EU Programme “Human Capital and Mobility” Title: MIOMAR (MIOcene Marine Reading)- A study of the Mediterranean Ocean –Climate System during the late Middle to Late Miocene. (Scientific Coordinator: Prof. J.E. Meulenkamp, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands) (Duration: 1993-1996).

Participant in the following industry research projects:

  • 2013- present: research project with Petrobras (Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.), concerning the biostratigraphic and paleoecologic analysis of sediments of the Brazilian offshore (Scientific Responsible: Prof.ssa G. Villa).
  • 2010 – 2012: reserch project with Petrobras (Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.), entitled: High-resolution Miocene-Oligocene biostratigraphy and correlation with parastratigraphic units (Scientific Responsible: Prof.ssa G. Villa).
  • 1998: Research project with British Gas Rimi S.p.A (Scientific Responsible: E. Mutti, University of Parma, Italy) which aimed at the reconstruction of a tectonic-sedimentary model on regional scale for the north western Apennines and the Tertiary Piedmont Basin during the Miocene.

Research themes

  • High resolution biostratigraphy and biochronology (integrated with cyclostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy) of Miocene planktonic foraminiferal assemblages from Mediterranean and oceanic areas, with particular focus on the definition of Global Stratotype Section and Points (GSSPs) of the Lower and Middle Miocene Stages.
  • Paleoceanography, paleoclimatology and paleoecology of middle-upper Miocene of the Mediterranean and ocean regions.
  • High resolution planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of Oligocene-Miocene in oceanic areas.
  • Foraminiferal biostratigraphy and paleoecology of Northern Apennines seep-carbonate successions.
  • Biostratigraphy and paleoecology of Messinian foraminiferal assemblages from the eastern Mediterranean.


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