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Fundamental Aspects of Nonequilibrium Quantum Mechanics

Complex systems and their modeling are interesting simply because matter is typically complex. On small scales, quantum mechanics describes interactions and dynamics. One typical example of a complex quantum system are photosynthetic molecules (complexes) in which transport properties seem to be governed by quantum mechanical interference. Strong correlations between the constituents make even small systems very complicated. In the helium atom, for instance, classical three-body chaos turns into complicated ionization spectra. The modern experimental tools of atom optics allow for a bottom-up construction of strongly correlated many-body quantum systems. We are studying their behavior on the level of single atoms and their interaction. Ongoing collaborations with experimental groups the world over enrich our research on fundamental aspects of quantum transport and its control in view of applications in atomtronics and quantum information.

Artist's view of a quantum hybrid system made of a guiding chip for ultracold atoms and\
laser potentials for trapping and controlling them.

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