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Assistant Professor


Telephone: +39 0521 905331   





Degree in Geology in 1981 at the University of Milan.

Since 1983 Assistant Professor in Petrography and Petrology, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Parma.

Teachings: ‘Petrography’ for Natural Science and ‘Ore Deposits’ for Earth Science.

Her research has been addressed to the petrography and petrology of magmatic rocks of several affinities (alkaline, ultrapotassic, calc-alkaline rocks) and of magmatic and mantle xenoliths in order to characterize the fluid and the chemical and physical conditions during their genesis and evolution. She also conducted research on some clay formations of the Northern Apennines. The scientific activity has also covered some aspects of technology such as: installation and development of a laboratory for the investigation on fluid and melt inclusions in minerals, development and management of a laboratory of scanning electron microscopy equipped with an energy dispersion microanalysis. She has taken part in several national research projects.


Research themes

Main research:

  • petrologic study of different types of rocks with particular care to the fluids responsible for their formation and evolution
  • water-rock interactions in low T and low P alteration processes and hydrothermal alteration processes through characterization and origin of fluids
  • study of mineralization and ore deposits in alkaline rocks, ophiolites and rocks from orogenic environment, with particular reference to the composition, origin and role of fluids responsible for the mineralization
  • Petrologic study of different types of crustal xenoliths
  • petrographic and mineralogical characterization of gems
  • petrographic and mineralogical characterization of ancient pottery fragments to trace the processing conditions and provenance of the artefacts




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