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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra


Teresa TRUA


Associate Professor


telephone: +39 0521 905311




Curriculum Vitae

1990 Degree in Geological Sciences, University of Calabria

1997 Ph.D in Earth Sciences, University of Pisa

Since 1998 to date: Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Parma

1998-1999 PostDoc research fellow

1999-2006 researcher

since 2007 associate professor


Teaching:“PETROGRAPHY” (12 ects) for “Geological Sciences (L-34)”.


Research interests:

- petrology and geochemistry of magmas erupted in the following tectonic contexts: back-arc basin (Southern Tyrrhenian), rift areas (Ethiopian Rift; Hyblean Plateau) and post-collisional setting (Carpathian Arc). The aim is to understand the petrogenesis of magmas and their relationship with the geodynamic contest;

- melt inclusions in olivine phenocrysts of igneous rocks in order to obtain information on the composition of primitive magmas;

- textural and chemical composition of phenocrysts in volcanic rocks as petrogenetic tool in deciphering the history of magmas.


National and international scientific collaborations:

ISMAR-CNR, Bologna


DiBEST, University of Calabria

CNRS-IRD, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Since 1999, I took part in several national research projects financed by the Italian Ministry of Research and University.


Selected publications

  • Trua T. , Marani M., Barca D. (2014) – Lower crustal differentiation processes beneath a back-arc spreading ridge (Marsili seamount, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea).Lithos, 190-191, 349-362,
  • Barca D., Trua T. (2012) – Magma emplacement at anomalous spreading ridge: Constraints due to plagioclase crystals from basalts of Marsili seamount (Southern Tyrrhenian back-arc). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 241-242, pag. 61-77
  • Trua T. , Marani M., Gamberi F. (2011) – Magmatic evidence for African mantle propagation into the southern Tyrrhenian backarc region. In Beccaluva L., Bianchini G. and Wilson M (eds), Volcanism and evolution of the African lithosphere, Geological Society of America Special Paper 478, p. 307-331, doi: 10.1130/2011.2478(16)
  • D’Oriano F., Angeletti L., Capotondi L., Laurenzi M.A., Correa M.L., Taviani M., Torelli L., Trua T., Vigliotti L., Zitellini N. (2010) - Coral Patch and Ormonde seamounts as products of the Madeira hotspot, Eastern Atlantic Ocean. Terra Nova, v. 22, pp. 494-500, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3121.2010.00973.x
  • Trua T., Manzi V., Roveri M. and Artoni A. (2010) - The Messinian volcaniclastic layers of the Northern Apennines: evidence for the initial phases of the Southern Tyrrhenian spreading? Ital. J. Geosci. (Boll.Soc.Geol.It.), Vol. 129(2), 269-279, pp. 269-279, doi: 10.3301/IJG.2010.09
  • Trua T, Clocchiatti R., Schiano P., Ottolini L., Marani M. (2010) - The heterogeneous nature of the Southern Tyrrhenian mantle: evidence from olivine-hosted melt inclusions from back-arc magmas of the Marsili seamount. Lithos, 118, 1-16, doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2010.03.008
  • Trua T. , Serri G., Marani M. (2007) - Geochemical features and geodynamic significance of the southern Tyrrhenian backarc basin. In Beccaluva L., Bianchini G. and Wilson M (eds), Cenozoic Volcanism in the Mediterranean Area, Geological Society of America Special Paper 418, p. 221-233, doi: 10.1130/2007.2418(11)
  • Trua T. , Serri G., Birkenmajer K., Pécskay Z. (2006) - Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions of Mts Pieniny dykes (West Carpathians): evidence for melting in the lithosphere mantle. Lithos, 90, 57-76
  • Trua T. , Serri G., Marani M. (2003) - Lateral flow of African mantle below the nearby Tyrrhenian plate: geochemical and isotopic evidence. Terra Nova 15, 433-440
  • Marani M., Trua T. (2002) - Thermal constriction and slab tearing at the origin of a super-inflated spreading ridge: the Marsili volcano (Tyrrhenian Sea). Journal of Geophysical Research, VOL. 107, NO. 0, 10.1029/ 2001JB000285
  • Trua T., Deniel C., Mazzuoli R. (1999) - Crustal control in the genesis of Plio-Quaternary bimodal magmatism of the Main Ethiopian Rift (MER): geochemical and isotopic (Sr, Nd and Pb) evidence. Chemical Geology, 155; 201-231
  • Trua T., Esperança S., Mazzuoli R. (1998) - The evolution of the lithospheric mantle along the N. African Plate: geochemical and isotopic evidence from the tholeiitic and alkaline volcanic rocks of the Hyblean Plateau, Italy. Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology, 131; 307-322
  • Trua T., Laurenzi M.A., Oddone M. (1997) - Geochronology of the Plio-Pleistocene Hyblean volcanism (SE Sicily): new 40Ar/39Ar data. Acta Vulcanologica, vol. 9; 167-176