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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra


Sandro MELI


Assistant Professor


telephone: +39 0521 905376

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Curriculum vitae

born in Parma on the 21/8/1964


school curriculum

1983: scientific degree, marks 54/60

1985-1990: attending lectures in Earth Sciences, at Parma University, petrography/geochemistry

1991: degree in geology (110/110 cum laude).

1995: Ph.D. in Earth Sciences

University curriculum

1991: attending Petrography Institute, Parma University

1992: wins the award "Dott. D. Lo Scalzo", for the best degree thesis in Earth Sciences, A/A 1989-90.

1993: qualification examination for the geologist profession

1996: post-Ph.D. research activity

November, 10 1997: wins a competitive test for a graduate technician position (8^ q.f.), at the Earth Sciences Dept., Parma University

june 16, 2000: wins a competitive test for a researcher position, petrology and petrography specialization, at the Earth Sciences Dept., Parma University

Attending courses and seminars

1990 "Fluid inclusions"

1991/1992 Phisical chemistry

1992 Applied aspects of the fluid inclusions in minerals.

1992 rare earths geochemistry

1992 VI Geochronology International School

1992 Summer School 1992, with the topic "Radiometric age determinations in orogenic processes: potentials and limits"

1998 'Methods in geochemistry

1998 'Zircon dating techniques

1998 'Microstructures of metamorphic and igneous rocks

2008 EurIspet seminar 'Isotopes applied to petrological problems



1 course in A/A 1999-00; 2 courses in A/A 2000-01; 3 courses in per A/A 2001-02; 3 courses in A/A 2002-03; 4 courses in A/A 2003/04; 5 course in A/A 2004/05; 5 courses in A/A 2006-07; 5 courses in A/A 2007/08; 5 courses in A/A 2008/09; 5 courses in A/A 2009/10;

tutor for 12 graduation theses, in the degreee courses of Earth Sciences and Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Tutor for 3 Ph.D. theses in Earth Sciences



declared 'Expert of the topics’ (Petrology and Petrography) from 21/09/1999

Membership of the teacher group for the Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, from XIX to XXV cycle

Membership of the teacher group and of the direction assembly for the II level master in Forensic Sciences

Membership of the direction assembly of the Earth Sciences Department, from 1/02/03 a 31/7/04

Membership of the direction assembly and of the didactic commission of the CU of Science and technology of cultural heritages.


Main research topics

1. Petrology & geochemistry of acidic metavolcanics from the Eastern Southalpine basement

2. Petrology & geochemistry of granitic rocks buried under the sediments of the Po plain

3. Various scales spectroscopy of minerals and rocks in the VIS and NIR bands

4. geological cartography of the cristalline basements of the Eatern Alps

5. Oxygen isotope geochemistry, applied to oxides and silicate phases

6. Fluid genesis in the deep crust

7. Petrogenesis, geochemistry and geochronology of the Ronda migmatites

8. Melt productivity and hydrogen role in anatectic processes


Selected Publications


SGAVETTI M.; LONGHI I.; MELI S.; POMPILIO L. (2006). Accuracy in mineral identification: image spectral and spatial resolutions and mineral spectral properties. ANNALS OF GEOPHYSICS. 263- 272. 49;


SGAVETTI M.; POMPILIO L; MELI S (2006). Reflectance spectroscopy (300-2500 nm) on various scales for mineral and rock identification. GEOSPHERE. 142- 160. 2;


CESARE B.; MELI S.; RUSSO U.; NODARI L. (2005). Fe3+ reduction during biotite melting in graphitic metapelites: another origin of CO2 in granulites. CONTRIBUTIONS TO MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY = BEITRAEGE ZUR MINERALOGIE UND PETROLOGIE. 129- 140. 149;


LONGHI I.; SGAVETTI M.; MELI S.; POMPILIO L. (2004). Complex spectral interactions of different

minerals and textures in Mars terrestrial analogues: Some examples. PLANETARY AND SPACE

SCIENCE. 141- 147. 52;


MELI S.; SASSI R. (2003). Petrography, age and geochemistry of the buried "Venice Granodiorite" (Northern Italy). SCHWEIZERISCHE MINERALOGISCHE UND PETROGRAPHISCHE MITTEILUNGEN. 57- 61. 83(1);


MELI S.; KLOETZLI U. (2001). Evidence for Lower Paleozoic magmatism in the Eastern Southalpine basement: zircon geochronology on Comelico porphyroids. SCHWEIZERISCHE MINERALOGISCHE UND PETROGRAPHISCHE MITTEILUNGEN. 147- 157. 81(2);


MELI S. (1998). Pre-Variscan Volcanic activity in the Eastern Alps: the Southalpine porphyroids.



MONTANINI A; MELI S. (1992). Mineralogy and petrology of mafic inclusion-bearing trachytes from Mt. Arci volcanic massif (Western Sardinia). NEUES JAHRBUCH FUR MINERALOGIEABHANDLUNGEN. 139- 168. 164;



Conference abstracts


CESARE B; FERRERO S; BARTOLI O; BRAGA R; SALVIOLI-MARIANI E; ACOSTA-VIGIL; A; MELI S. (2009) "Nanogranite" inclusions in peritectic minerals: finding the anatectic melt in migmatites and granulites. 186- 186, vol.41(7), In: GSA Annual Meeting. October 2009, Portland (USA),


BARTOLI O; MELI S.; BERGOMI M; MAGARACI D; SASSI R; LIU D.-Y (2008) U-Pb SHRIMP II geochronology of the magmatic enclaves occurring in the Euganean Hills magmatic complex. 206- 206, vol.34, In:1st SIMP-AIC Joint Meeting. 7th-12th September 2008, Sestri Levante, Italy,

CESARE B; MELI S.; SATISH-KUMAR M; CRUCIANI G (2007) Ti, F (and H) diffusion zoning in biotite formed during cooling of metapelitic granulites, Kerala Khondalite belt (SE India). 441- 441, vol.2, In:Epitome.


POMPILIO L; SGAVETTI M; MELI S. (2005) VNIR spectral identification of Mars surface analogues: some problems related to basalt spectroscopy. 211- 212, vol.1,


MAGARACI D.; MELI S.; SASSI R. (2004) Magmatic enclaves in the Euganean Hills (North-Eastern Italy) as a record of the evolution of a within-plate magmatic district. 1297- 1297, In:32th International Geological Congress, Florence (Italy), 20-28 aug. 2004.


MELI S.; OCCHI E.; SASSI R.; TRESPIDI M. (2004) Petrography and geochemistry of the

orthoamphibolites belonging to the Merano-Mules-Anterselva basement (Eastern Alps). 249- 249,

In:32th International Geological Congress, Florence (Italy), 20-28 aug. 2004.


MELI S.; CESARE B.; RUSSO U.; NODARI L. (2004) From "fluid-absent" to "CO2-present" melting in graphitic metapelites: in situ CO2 generation by redox processes. 424- 424, In:32th International Geological Congress, Florence (Italy), 20-28 aug. 2004.


SGAVETTI M.; LONGHI I; MELI S; POMPILIO L (2003) Accuracy in mineral identification: image spectral and spatial resolution and mineral spectral properties. 77- 77, In:Workshop on Airborne Remote Sensing for Geophysical and Envirinmental Aplications. April 13-17,