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Mario TRIBAUDINO was born in Torino on 13.11.1960; he got a degree in Geological Sciences at the Torino University on 21.3.1985. On 1986-1989 Ph.D. in Mineralogy and Crystallography. Post doc on 1989-1990 for the CNR- Progetto Nazionale di Ricerca Antartica. Permanent position as a researcher at the Torino University from 1.8.1990.
On 1.10.2001 Associate Professor in Mineralogy at the Torino University; Full Professor at the Parma University from 19.1.2005-today. He has been responsible for several Ph.D. and Bc. Sc. theses, and for CNR and PRIN projects.

Experimental investigation was done on rock forming minerals (mainly pyroxenes and feldspars), involving mainly the experimental modelling of crystal chemical and microtextural behaviour of minerals, and of the related phase transitions. Synthetic analogues of the studied phases were used; the retrieved results were used in constraining the thermal behaviour of natural samples, but also in material sciences, mostly ceramics

As a result of the above investigation nearly 70 papers on international journals were published. Mario TRIBAUDINO was repeatedly invited as a lecturer at postgraduate schools, and acted as a reviewer in several papers submitted for publication in international journals





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