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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra

Roberto De Renzi

email roberto.derenzi at

Tel: +39 0521 905 258
Fax: +39 0521 905 223

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clearly not used to wearing a tie

A MuSR course
mulab, a Matlab µSR analysis program
How to get Struttura della Materia

by R. Fieschi and R. De Renzi,
Ed. Carrocci (1995)
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Physics 1 for Engineers (Fisica 1 per Ingegneria Meccanica),
Nuclei, Particles and Atoms, Undergraduate Course (Introduzione alla Fisica della Materia, I parte per la LT Fisica)
Magnetic Resonance, Doctoral Course (Risonanze Magnetiche per il Dottorato in Fisica).

Past Teaching

Physics Lab 1, Undergraduate Course (Laboratorio di Fisica 1 per la Laurea Triennale in Fisica)
Physics Lab, Master Course (Laboratorio di Fisica per la Laurea Magistrale in Fisica), 
Physics A and B for Engineers (Fisica AB Ingegneria), Physics D for Mechanical Engineers (Fisica D Ingegneria Meccanica),
Physics 2 for Undergraduate Engineers, (Fisica 2 Diploma in Ingegneria Meccanica),
Phyisics 2 for Mechanical Engineers (Fisica 2 Ingegneria Meccanica)

Il mio anagramma

(my Italian anagram)

My talks

Villigen, CH, In honour of Elvezio Morenzoni, 13 October 2016, , (conferences/Morenzoni2016)
Torino, Italy, SuperFox, 19-21 September 2016, Disorder in superconductors by isovalent substitution , (conferences/SuperFox2016)
Coimbra, Portugal, SINE2020 General Assembly, 7 September 2016, Parma-ISIS Report on Task 10.4, (odp, conferences/SINE2020/Coimbra.09.2016)
Stockholm, Sweden, Swedish Muon Meeting, 4-6 Speptember 2016, Introduction to μSR , (odp, conferences/SwedishMuonMeeting)
Bologna, Italy, Workshop in memoriam: Carlo Taliani, 6-8 june 2016 Disorder and substitution in unconventional superconductors , (opd, conferences)
Fethiye, Turkey, ICSM2016, 27 April 2016, Probing competing orders in high temperature superconductors by disorder , (odp, conferences)
Milano, Italian AIMAG School of Magnetism, 22 April 2016, Magnetic resonance techniques, NMR and &micor;SR , (odp, mytalks)
Warwick, UK, TO-BE Spring Meeting, 8 April 2016, Transition metal oxide research in Parma , (odp, conferences)
ISIS, UK, Muon Training School 2016, 17 March 2016, Applications of µSR: superconductors, (odp, mytalks)

Copenhagen, SINE2020 Kickoff, 16 October 2015, DFT+µ,(odp, mytalks)
Praha, EUROMAR2015, 7 July 2015, NMR as local probe in low dimensional strongly correlated materials, (odp, conferences)
Pavia, PRIN2012 meeting, February 2015, Report on Parma-Pavia work , (odp mytalks)

Roma, AIMAG Workshop on Magnetism at Large scale Facilities, 25 November 2014, Muons at ISIS and PSI, (odp, conferences)
Grindelwald, CH, MuSR2014, 2 June 2014, Yamazaki prize 2014 recipient talk, (odp, mytalks)
ISIS, UK, Muon Training School 2014, 12 May 2014, Introduction to µSR, (odp, mytalks)
ISIS, UK, March 2014, DFT workshop, μ+ sites with DFT in T'-La2CuO4, (odp, conferences)
Dresden, Dresden-Pavia-Parma Workshop, 17 July 2014, Overview of magnetic NMR and μSR at PaRMa, (odp, mytalks)

Ahmedabad, In, NEEM Workshoop, 25 November 2013, NMR and µSR in La2-xSrxCoO4: nanoscale excitations, (odp, conferences)
Ahmedabad, In, ACMN School, 24 November 2013, Muon Spin Spectroscopy: a local probe , (odp, conferences)
Napoli, SIF, September 2013, Playing with Fe:Ru in LnFe:RuAsO1-xFx, (odp, conferences)
Sorrento, MAMA Trends, May 2013, The onset of magnetism around x=1/4 in optimally doped LnFe1−xRuxAsO1−yFy (Ln = Sm,Nd or La), (odp, conferences)
Como, SuperFOX, 22 June 2012, Playing with Fe:Ru in LnFe:RuAsO1-xFx, (odp, conferences)

ISIS, UK, NMI3 Muon Site Workshop, 20 April 2012, µSR 2.0: a new dimension for implanted muons, (odp, mytalks)
ISIS, Muon Training School 2012, 23 March 2012, µSR in superconductors , (odp, mytalks)
Penang, Malaysia, 11 November 2011, Comparing muon sites with DFT predictions, (odp, conferences)
Trogir, Ampere Conference, 9 September 2011, 59Co NMR in Ca3Co2O6, an intriguing frustrated Ising chain system, (opd, conferences)
Zugerberg, CH, 10th PSI Summer School, 15 August 2011, Magnetism I: Muons and NMR , (odp, conferences)
Cancun, Mexico, MUSR2011, 17 May 2011, Sharp SDW SC cross-over in 1111 Fe pnictides, (odp, conferences)
Torino, Magnet 2011, 25 February 2011, How many Quantum Critical Points in the cuprate phase diagram?, (odp, conferences)
Anacapri, ETACM, 6 October 2010, Another Quantum Critical Point in Cuprates?, (odp, conferences)
S. Peterburg, RU, NMRCM, June 2010 Frustrated magnets: 59Co NMR in Ca3Co2O6 , (odp, conferences)
Genova, PRIN 2008 kickoff, 28 May 2010, Muons, NMR, (odp, mytalks)
Paris, Glassy '09, 30 June 2009, Intrinsic inhomogeneities in cuprates & pnictides, (odp, mytalks)
Palinuro, Scuola di Dottorato FOXE, 17 May 2009, Magnetic and transport properties of Transition Metal Oxides , (opd, mytalks)
Villigen, PSI, CH, Seminar, 28 January 2009, Chemical pressure in La1-xYx 1111 pnictides, (odp, mytalks)
Tsukuba, Jp, MuSR08, 21 July 2008, Quenched disorder in cuprates , (odp, conferences)
Roma, CNR Workshop on Iron Pnictides, 14 May 2008, Muons and NMR, (odp mytalks)
ISIS, Muon Training School 2008, 23 April 2008, Applications: Magnetic systems, (odp, mytalks)
Genova, Scuola di Dottorato in Scienze dei Materiali, 26 May 2008, Risonanza magnetica nello stato solido, (odp, mytalks)
Porto Venere, PRIN Workshop, 24 March 2007, Recent µSR results on MgB2 and Mg1-x(Al,Li)xB2 (odp, mytalks)
Bilbao, NMI3 FDEMS, October 2006, µSR in superconductors, (odp, mytalks)
Pavia, MAGMANet School, September 2006, Basic principles of Muon Spin Rotation Spectroscopy , (opd, mytalks)
Genova, SATT12, September 2006, Two length scales from the µSR field distribution in the Mg1-xAlxB2 flux lattice, (sdx, conferences)
Roma, Seminario La Sapienza, Novembre 2005, Manganiti, materiali d'interesse per la magnetoelettronica, (odp, mytalks)
Harjattula, Finland, SCENET 2005, July 2005, Spin precession techniques: NMR, NQR and µSR, (ppt, conferences)
Monte Conero, Scuola SISN 2005, June 2005, Complementary techniques to neutrons: NMR and µSR, (ppt,mytlaks))
Roma, PRIN 2002 Final Meeting, 6 December 2004, Parmaresults, (ppt, mytalks)
Genova, INFM Meeting, June 2004, 55Mn NMR in thin films, (ppt, conferences)
Villigen, PSI, CH, Lecture, January 2004, Two-gap features in the µSR TF measurements on Mg1-xAlxB2 (ppt, mytalks)
Trieste, ICTP Manganite College, June 2003, Local probes in manganites: muons and NMR (html, conferences)
Cagliari, SIF, 26 September 2002, Polaroni di carica e di spin in sistemi elettronici fortemente correlati, (html, mytalks)
Villigen, PSI, CH, Seminar, 30 June 2002, Freezing of spin/charge in YBa2Cu3O6+x: A comparison between NMR and µSR, (html, mytalks)
Williamsburg, VI, USA, µSR02, 8 June 2002, Freezing of spin/charge in YBa2Cu3O6+x: A comparison between NMR and µSR , (html, conferences)
Salerno, SATT11, 22 March 2002, Magnetic resonance investigation (NMR and µSR) in superconductors: dynamic relaxation in HTC and metallic properties of MgB2, (html, conferences)
Granada, Workshop , September 2001, The local magnetic probe approach to manganites (muons and NMR): phase separation and small-polaron dynamics in low doping manganites, , (LaTeX, conferences)
Royaumont, OXEN Workshop, May 2000, Muon and nuclear magnetic resonance investigations of low and half doping manganites, (LaTex, mytalks)
Anacapri, Workshop on Manganites, April 2000, Magnetic resonance investigations of low and half doping manganites: statics and slow dynamics(Latex, mytaks)
Les Diablerets, MuSR99, August-September 1999, Magnetic order in pure LaMnO3 an doped crystals, (LaTex, conferences)
Tours, F, DYPROSO XXVII, September 1999, The inhomogeneous magnetic ground state of doped manganites explored by local probes: NMR and µSR (Latex, mytalks)
Pisa, Ampere, June 1999, Meso- and nanoscopically inhomogeneous magnetic ground states in manganites: the local probe view (NMR and µSR), (LaTeX, conferences)
St. Andrews, August 1998, Nato Advanced Study Institute on Muon Science, µSR and NMR: fundamental concepts and selected examples , (LaTex, conferences)
Torino, Villa Gualino, Scuola di Dottorato in Fisica della Materia, October 1997, I principi di NMR, NQR e µ;SR, con alcuni esempi.
Engelberg, CH, Colloquium on Magnetic Resonance on HTC superconductors , January 1999, Electronic phase separation in manganites detected by magnetic resonance
Nikko (Japan), MuSR96, April 1996, Phase separation in antiferromagnetic YBCO
Edinburgh, ICM, 2-7 September 1991 µSR and NMR measurements on high Tc oxides
Crete (GR), Nato Advanced Research Workshop on Dynamics of Magnetic Fluctuations in High Temperature Superconductors, 10-14 October 1989, On the phase diagram of bismuth based superconductors,
Roma, Electronic Properties of High Tc Superconductors, October 1988, Bi2Sr2Y1-xCaxCu2O8: the magnetic partner of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8. A NMR and µSR study
Villigen (CH), Meeting on \MSR in High Tc Superconductors, March 1988, Recent results on YBCO sintered pellets,
Shimoda, Japan, Yamada Conference VII on Muon Spin Rotation, April 1983, Muon localization and hyperfine fields in simple antiferromagnets MnF2 and CoF2.