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sedimentology, stratigraphy



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Curriculum vitae

Born in Brescia (Italy) on 24th October 1980.
Master's Degree in Earth Sciences at the Universit‡ degli Studi di Parma (evaluation: 105/110)
with a stratimetric/sedimentological study on basin plain turbidites of the Marnoso-Arenacea
Formation in the Savio Valley (Northern Appennines, Italy). Supervisor: E. Mutti.
Ph.D. in Earth Sciences at the Universit‡ degli Studi di Parma with a study of integrated
stratigraphy on the early Paleogene successions in the Ager and Tremp basins (South-Central
Pyrenees, Spain), mainly dedicated to basin analysis in continental to shallow-water environments.
Supervisors: R. Tinterri; M. Roveri.
Collaboration (January 2008-May 2008) with the ìCentro Universitario per lo Studio e
Documentazione dell'Appennino Settentrionaleî in Bobbio (PC, Italy).
1 year Post-Doc in Stratigraphy (sedimentary response to extreme climatic events in the SouthCentral Pyrenees) at the Universit‡ degli Studi di Parma (07/2012 ñ 06/2013). Supervisor: M.Roveri.
2 years Post-Doc in Stratigraphy (sedimentological and geochemical characterization of Messinian carbonates) at the Universit‡ degli Studi di Parma (07/2013 ñ present), sponsored by Petrobras, S.A.
Supervisor: M. Roveri.

Research Projects

Facies, geochemical and petrophysical analysis of Messinian carbonates

Research themes

Physical stratigraphy, facies analysis, stable isotope geochemistry, Early Paleogene stratigraphy, Late Neogene stratigraphy


  • Minelli, N. , Manzi, V., Roveri, M., Tinterri, R., 2011 ñ Tectonic and Climate Signatures on LowerEocene deposits of the Tremp-Ager basin (Pyrenees, Northeastern Spain), poster presentation at the 28th IAS meeting of Sedimentologists (Zaragoza, Spain).
  • Minelli, N., Manzi, V., Roveri, M., 2013 ñ The Record of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Ager basin (Central Pyrenees, Spain), Geologica Acta, v. 11 (4), pp. 421-441.