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stuctural geology



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Curriculum vitae

Born in Imperia in 1985.
Bachelor's Degree in Geology in 2008 at Pisa University (Italy), with a thesis on the structural, microstructural and mineralogical characterization of a Low-Angle extensional fault system.
Master Degree in Geology in 2010 at Pisa University (Italy), with a thesis on the analogue modeling of accretionary wedges. Thesis in collaboration with the University of Montpellier II (France).
PhD in Geology in 2014 at University of Parma (Italy) with a thesis on the overprinting of extensional and compressional deformations within orogenic wedges. In particular, extensional fault systems developed within carbonate and siliciclastic rocks have been characterized in terms of structural architecture, fluid flow, fluid-rock interactions, structural diagenesis.
Since 2014, research fellow at the University of Parma specialized in structural geology and structural diagenesis.

Research Projects

Since 2011 has been involved in the following projects:

  • DADO Project (DAmage zone DOlomitization), funded by Shell (Carbonate Reservoir Appraisal and Production Geology Team), and in collaboration with the Leuven University (BE), scientific coordinator Prof. F. Storti (Parma University, IT)
  • FRASI Project (FRActure Analysis in folded SIliciclastic rocks), funded by Petrobras, scientific coordinator Prof. F. Storti (Parma University, IT)
  • Project: Deformation of carbonate rocks: implications for the characterization and modeling of natural geofluids reservoirs funded by Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Universit‡ e della Ricerca, PRIN 2009, national coordinator Prof. E. Tondi (Camerino University, IT), local coordinator Prof. F. Storti (Parma University, IT)
  • Project: Automatic erosion in analogue experimentsî, R&D project aimed at building a tool to automatically perform surface erosion in analogue sandbox experiments.  Funded by Eni, scientific coordinator Prof. F. Storti (Parma University, IT)

Research themes

Structural, microstructural, petrographic and digenetic characterization of faulted and folded carbonates and siliciclastics rocks. Geologic and structural mapping. Structural analysis at cartographic, mesoscopic and microscopic scale. Statistical analysis of brittle deformation associated to folds and faults in different tectonic contexts and different lithologies. Characterization of the paleofluid evolution of tectonic structures and fluid-rock interactions during deformation. Petrographic, mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic analysis of fault rocks and fault-related veins. Fluid inclusion microthermometry. Analogue modeling of tectonic processes. 3D structural model building, restoration and validation.



  • Clemenzi L., Molli G., Storti F., Muchez P., Swennen R., Torelli L. (2014). Extensional deformation structures within a convergent orogen: The Val di Lima low-angle normal fault system (Northern Apennines, Italy).  Journal of the Structural Geology 66, 205-222


  • Perrin C., Clemenzi L., Malavieille J., Molli G., Taboada A., & Dominguez S. (2013). Impact of erosion and dÈcollements on large-scale faulting and folding in orogenic wedges: analogue models and case studies. Journal of the Geological Society 170(6), 893ñ904..