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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra


Our laboratory is active in the field of vibrational and crystal-field spectroscopy (Raman and high resolution FTIR) and optical photoinduced effects, with application in many fields, mainly in materials sciences:

  • minerals (natural and synthetic ones)
  • cultural heritage
  • forensic science
  • drug delivery technologies
  • sol-gel derived nanocrystalline oxides
  • sol-gel glasses and glassceramics for optoelectronic applications and scintillators
  • rare-earth doped single crystals
  • organic-inorganic hybrid materials
  • intelligent packaging


Minerals - Gemstones - Geology

Our group realized a database of Raman spectra of Minerals containing 200 spectra. The database is freely available on this web site.

Moreover, we collaborate with many private and public institution for the study of minerals, rocks and inclusions.

Cultural Heritage

In the last years our research group performed many analysis of artworks present in Parma and surroundings as a support for the restorers and to contribute to the knowledge of the artworks and their history.