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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra

"Semiconductor Physics and Technolgy" is a traditional research area of this Department.

Presently we are dealing with three major topics, namely:


Polycrystalline thin film solar cells. Both CdTe and CIGS technologies are currently being developed in the frame of different projects. The reached efficiency is about 16.0 and 18.0%, respectively. This research groups hold several patents in this area and also launched an initiative aimed at establishing a CIGS pilot plant. Aim is the fabrication of low cost PV devices on different substrates by sputtering deposition....READ MORE


Transport properties.   The knowledge of carrier concentration and mobility, deep energy states and relevant trapping mechanisms is of the highest importance for the assessment of semiconductors. At DiFeST, two groups are active in the study of electrical characteristics of different semiconductors (III-V, II-VI, SiC etc) by Hall effect in different regimes of temperature, electric and magnetic fields, I-V and C-V characteristics, photoconductivity,...READ MORE


Wide bandgap semiconductors. This activity was started recently and focuses on semiconducting metal-oxides of the type In2O3, Ga2O3 and Al2O3. In cooperation with the IMEM-CNR institute, layers of these materials are deposited by MOCVD on different substrates and investigated. At this stage the main target is to improve the deposition technology and the quality of the epilayers, in view of applications in the field of power electronics...READ MORE





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