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Dr. Alessio Bosio

University of Parma Physics and Earth Sciences Deparment Viale delle Scienze 7/A 43124 PARMA - ITALY

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Alessio Bosio has a twentyfive years experience in thin film devices technology. In particular he studied polycrystalline thin film solar cells and thin film electroluminescent devices where the active material is ZnS:Mn.

Among the most important scientific results is to mention the research on the CuInSe2/CdS and CdTe/CdS based solar cells with efficiencies in excess of 16%. One of the highest efficiency/cost ratio never reached with these devices. He also acquired considerable experience on thin film deposition techniques such as:

a) deposition of semiconductor and ceramic materials by magnetron R.F. , D.C. and pulsed D.C. Sputtering.

b) deposition of compounds by electron beam gun (EBG);

c) deposition of semiconductors with high crystalline quality used as absorber in photovoltaic devices with the innovative close-spaced-sublimation technique (CSS).

Since 1990 is part, as a researcher, of the Italian National Institute of Matter Physics. He participated in several research projects (Joule) on photovoltaic devices within the Framework Program of the European Community. He participated to numerous international meetings presenting reports and scientific results. He also participated at several international conferences. In some of these he was an invited speaker

He is co-inventor of nine international patents covering the major innovations about the construction of thin film polycrystalline CdTe/CdS and CuInGaSe2/CdS solar cells. Some of these patents are the basis of the technology transfer that led to the creation of a photovoltaic industry, Arendi SpA, which uses the thin film polycrystalline CdTe / CdS technology.

This industry, unique in Italy, will produce 18 MW per year of solar modules. Since 2007 he is head of the local Research Unit within the PRIN 2007 project entitled " Celle Solari a Film Sottili di CdTe/CdS su Substrati Flessibili Prodotte Mediante la Tecnica della CSS" Since 2009, he is WP-leader of the Work Package 4 "Thin film solar cell production" in the "Advanced Photovoltaic Lasers for Industrial Processing Enhancement (ALPINE) project within the 7th Framework Program of the European Community.

Since 2010 he is the scientific responsible of the line C of the project " Piastrelle Ceramiche e Lastre di Vetro con Funzionalità Fotovoltaica per la Realizzazione di Involucri Evoluti in Edilizia" in a project of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) of Industry 2015. Since 2010 he is responsible for "ThinFilmLaboratory" (ThiFiLab) of the Department of Physics, University of Parma.

The scientific activity of prof. Bosio is evidenced by the publication of more than 45 articles in international journals, many articles in books, and by the participation in approximately 50 international conferences on PVs.