Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences

Parco area delle scienze 7/A - 43124 Parma


  • Variations of the electrical resistance with temperature and illumination (also various monochromatic sources)
  • Electrical stress test d.c. and pulsed
  • Heat treatment in a controlled atmosphere (-200 ° C - 1200 ° C) (the treatment gas is not supplied)
  • Substrate preparation (plasma etching) for thin film deposition, coating of oxide, sulfide, selenide, fluoride and refractory materials.
  • Coating of metal and metal alloy films
  • Sticking test (tape test) of thin films of any material
  • Preparation of thin film photovoltaic devices on flexible and rigid substrates (polymer-metal)

Measurements of Electrical Properties for Photovoltaic Applications

  • Field measurements in PV module efficiency (10 measures)
  • Laboratory characterization of PV modules (curves I-V and C-V)
  • Certification control (Mono multi-Crist. & Thin Film)
  • Thermographic measurements in reverse current